Waiter, Stewart and Arthur in Confusions by Alan Ayckbourn

at The Mermaid Studio, London.

Produced by Theatre Unlimited.

Directed by John Link.

"...those pale watery eyes which swim so expressively in the waxy angles of his face." - Michael Wright, Time Out.

"Paul Vates' subtle quirkly style is the most watchable." - Emma Gregg, The Good Times

Full cast breakdowns:

Mother Figure:

Leigh Rogers as Lucia

Lucia Fausset as Rosemary

William Roose-Martin as Terry

Drinking Companion:

Christopher Whittingham as Harry

Leigh Rogers as Paula

Lucia Fausset as Bernie

William Roose-Martin as Waiter

Between Mouthfuls:

Paul Vates as Waiter

Christopher Whittingham as Pearce

Lucia Fausset as Mrs Pearce

William Roose-Martin as Martin

Leigh Rogers as Polly

Gosforth's Fete:

Lucia Fausset as Mrs Pearce

Leigh Rogers as Milly

Christopher Whittingham as Gosforth

William Roose-Martin as Vicar

Paul Vates as Stewart

A Talk In The Park:

Paul Vates as Arthur

Leigh Rogers as Beryl

Christopher Whittingham as Charles

Lucia Fausset as Doreen

William Roose-Martin as Ernest


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