The All New Adventures of Postman Pat

The Robot in The All New Adventures of Postman Pat.

200 performances in a UK No.1 theatre tour

from July to December 1998

including a residency at The Barbican Theatre, London.

Produced by Children's Showtime.

Written and Directed by Martin Waller.

The show then settled into a Christmas residency at The Bloomsbury Theatre, London, from December 1998 to January 1999.

Full cast:

Ewan Thompson as Postman Pat

Nigel Collins as Ted Glen / Alf Thompson

Theresa O'Malley as Mrs Goggins / Granny Dryden

Non Vaughan-Thomas as Miss Hubbard / Dorothy Thompson

Adam Russell-Owen as PC Selby / Rev. Timms

Kirsti Sandom as Julian

Paul Vates as The Robot

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