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Rumpel - The Musical

The Narrator in Rumpel - The Musical

at The Fox Theatre, London.

Written and Produced by Frank Shaer.

Directed by Christopher Shaer.

Songs and music written by Christopher Shaer.

Full cast:

Paul Vates as The Narrator

Rita Shaer as Mother / Queen of Fairyland

Raymond Cross as Father / King of Fairyland

Samantha Shimbart as Melissa

Gideon Clear as Georgie Porgie / Tommy The Jester

James Harwood as Prince Rhyming / 2nd Guard

Tony O'Brien as Rumpelstiltskin

Malcolm Padbury as 1st Guard

Dingo - The Daredevil Dog as Himself

"The whole piece was admirably orchestrated by the accomplished narrator, Paul Vates. His performance added greatly to the story and atmosphere."

Diki Gleeson, Enfield Gazette


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