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Clown Workshop

Ran a day-long clown workshop at The Minghella Studio

on behalf of Portsmouth's New Theatre Royal

in conjunction with The E-Team

"Do absurd things happen to you? Do you push doors marked 'Pull'? Do you find bananas funny?

If the answer to these is ‘Yes’, perhaps you’re a Clown and not aware of it! Paul is a founder member of The E-Team – a bizarre collection of misfits who make people laugh all around the world. His workshop is full of fun, frolics and other words beginning with 'F'.

Guaranteed: – there will be no scary make-up. He’s not that kind of clown.

One thing is for sure – you never know how funny you can be until you’ve tried this workshop. It will be a whole-day event exploring play, incongruity, physicality, inter-action and improvisation which can be used in a range of performance contexts.

Liberate your funny bones!"

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