Time For Something New!

Associate Director of the first Time For Something New!

evenings of new writing produced by New Dreams Theatre

at The Bread & Roses Theatre, Clapham, London


  • What Happened This Morning by William Patterson

  • Directed by Kevin Russell

  • Cast: Mathias Swann and Harry Boyd

  • Board Game by Felicity Huxley Miners

  • Directed by Colleen Prendergast

  • Cast: Maisie Young and Julia Florimo

  • Telo by Megan Fellows

  • Directed by Stephanie Silver

  • Cast: Nigel Fyfe and Reece Skinner

  • Pyrrha Rebooted by Jonathan Edgington

  • Directed by Lucrezia Pollice

  • Cast: Meg Lake, Drew Patterson, Kathryn Hopkinson, Cliff Brown

  • Strong Not Skinny by Stephanie Silver

  • Directed by Ashley Rose Kaplan-Robson

  • Cast: Amy Toledano, Ashley Rose Kaplan-Robson, Naina Kholi and Harry Ter Haar

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