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Voyage And The Return

The Writers' Block #15 - Theme: voyage and the return

Unaware of my watching them, Aphrodite and Poseidon seemed unsure what to do. They hesitated, even though the creature had pointed them in that direction. Almost reluctantly they approached the cave, shoulder to shoulder, wide-eyed and small.

I lowered my head, straining to hear their conversation. Their words seemed just whispers to me, so far away were they. But I thought I heard Poseidon urging Aphrodite to go first.

‘Certainly not,’ she replied, turning her back to him.

‘Then I shall enter and I trust you will follow me,’ he said.

She didn’t react.

Poseidon gathered himself and headed into the shadows. After a moment he returned.

Aphrodite looked round and with some disgust asked, ‘Why did you come back?’

‘I was checking that you were coming, too.’

‘You weren’t scared, were you?’ she teased.

Poseidon gave her a rebellious look and entered the cave.

After a few seconds, I could see her getting worried. She peered into the darkness but could not bring herself to go in. She appeared to be mumbling to herself when Poseidon came out at speed, bumping into her. ‘You know - I think it may not be a cave at all. It could be a tunnel. I think I can see light at the end of it. Come on!’ And he was gone again.

There was no other choice for Aphrodite; she had to follow. She simply would not be left alone on the outside, knowing he was going to have an adventure without her if she didn’t join him.

I watched from my Godly position, far above their world, wondering how I could assist them. In fact, it also occurred to me that my view was now obscured and any help I may wish to provide was now impossible to ascertain.

The bowl into which I stared became murky for a moment and I had to concentrate to hear. Muted, but just audible, I was sure I could discern them. Their voices echoed slightly through their rocky journey.

‘I can’t see anything.’ Aphrodite sounded quite distressed.

Poseidon wasn’t doing any better. ‘Do you think I can?’

‘Where was the light you mentioned?’

‘Let’s keeping going. You’ll see. Slowly does it… Ow!’

‘You alright?’ she said, holding back panic.

‘I banged my head. Watch out for the low ceiling.’

There was a pause, the silence hanging in the pit of my stomach. I hadn’t realised before how involved these little mortals could make you.

Aphrodite’s squeal of delight broke the tension, ‘Ooh - the light!’

‘You see!’

‘Race you,’ she said.

Moments later, they emerged at the far side of the tunnel.

‘Where are we?’ It was Poseidon’s turn to be afraid.

‘How should I know? But we’ve come this far, let’s go this way.’ And off she went, leaving him struggling to keep up.

‘Look,’ she showed him. ‘Let’s ask that man for advice.’

Full of bravado, she approached the figure and enquired which was the best way. He pointed which direction they should go. Poseidon and Aphrodite looked at each other. Almost reluctantly they approached the cave, shoulder to shoulder, wide-eyed and small...


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