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Pulling Away From Pain

Clair Evans is a normal woman - but she has just done something quite remarkable. This is her story, her pain, her fight to leave it behind...

"I have suffered with Fibromyalgia for nearly 20 years, an autoimmune condition causing inflammation and pain throughout the body alongside chronic fatigue. The condition affected every aspect of my life. My children always had to be careful not to hug Mummy too hard in case it hurt too much, there were times when I was too exhausted or in too much pain and couldn’t pick them up which as a Mum is very difficult to accept.

"For me day to day life was very difficult and frustrating, the worst part actually getting up in the morning when your whole body hurts so much you don’t want to move. Sleep was disturbed every night with pain waking me up on a regular basis. I very rarely managed to get through a day without having to lie down, my body totally exhausted.

"Having tried numerous medications prescribed by my doctor none of which really worked I finally attended a pain clinic where I learned the importance of exercise and keeping moving which was very painful to do but did help a little."

"I accepted a long time ago that Fibromyalgia was my lot and I had to find a way to live my life as best I could managing the condition. I found a personal trainer, Mark Guest of Physique Fitness Tring who took me right back to basics and we spent the best part of 2 years just getting my body moving. Mark then recommended Paul Magee of Profortis Sports Therapy.

"I arrived for my first treatment exhausted and in considerable pain all over my body after a slip in the woods. Paul took things very slowly, explaining how he could help me. After my first session I noticed a marked difference in my pain levels and the way my body felt and with a combination of treatment and gentle massage within 3 months I was pain free!! My brain and body had to get used to this feeling, after nearly 20 years it felt very strange. I found myself bumping into doors and not crying with the pain, my boys who are 21 and 18, can now give me a bear hug!"

"During my first treatment I mentioned to Paul that I had asked Mark to train me up to do a mad 50th birthday challenge. The idea was to prove to myself and others that Fibromyalgia didn’t have to control you and that with a little determination and a good attitude of mind you could live life to the full."

[The fight begins - training photo courtesy of Paul Magee]

"Since I met Paul I haven’t stopped smiling. I never, ever thought I would find the answer to my pain. Paul has changed mine and my family’s lives completely and I cannot thank him enough for his knowledge, expertise, of course, for giving me a future to look forward to."

"I will be pulling Paul’s Landover on the 21st May with 8 rugby players as passengers - pain free!!"

Since Clair wrote this - she has achieved her goal… and is still raising money for the Rennie Grove Hospice Care charity.

[Photo © Peter Sanders]

If you feel inspired - Clair’s Just Giving fundraising page is still active:

[Photo © Peter Sanders]

Paul Magee can be contacted via the website:

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