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Chiltern Film Society - August 2018

Yes - that’s right. My, how quickly it comes around. Of course - the above message is for our old and trusted members - yet we are always open for NEW MEMBERS to join us!

Fifteen fantastic films for £50 - if my maths is right, that’s £3.33 per film. Simply go to our website (address below) and follow the links.

You will be seeing our programmes and flyers around and about - do have a read, tell us what you think.

It all kicks off on September 5th with our very first Spielberg presentation: The Post, starring Meryl Streep and Tom Hanks.

Other news:

We are proud to be a part of The Elgiva Theatre’s Open-Air Screenings this summer. These Alfresco Movies are brought to you courtesy of The Mayor of Chesham.

The first will be at The Moor Gym & Swim on Saturday 11th August. Very limited tickets are available for this. The film will be Jaws - what else could it be?!?

The second will be on Saturday 25th August, at The Black Horse Inn, along The Vale, and the film will be a screening of Grease.

(For all ticket enquiries about these two open-air films, please contact The Elgiva direct - pop in or call them on 01494 582900).

For more information about the Chiltern Film Society check out our website or email us at

Paul Vates, Chairman, CFS

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