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Chiltern Film Society - October 2018

Strong ladies feature this month!

We’re presenting two amazing films not to be missed. Both feature strong female award-winning performances. The first is A Fantastic Woman which we’re showing on the 3rd.

This movie won the Oscar for Best Foreign Language Film (it has another 26 wins and 31 nominations to its name) making it the first Chilean film to win an Academy Award. Also it is the first transgender character-lead movie to win in this category.

On the 17th, we present Lady Bird. Starring Saoirse Ronan, it is a classic coming-of-age story.

Ronan is such a versatile actress, seemingly to appear in every film at the moment! Yet she admits that the most difficult word for her to pronounce with an American accent is “perfect” - apparently, her Irishness shines through!

Also this month, The Elgiva are showing a couple of brilliant films: The Children Act (starring Emma Thompson) on Tuesday 16th and Disney’s classic The Little Mermaid on Saturday 20th (for details of these two contact The Elgiva direct at on the interweb and 01494 582900 by phone).

For more information about the Chiltern Film Society check out our website, email us at or call us on 07754 058859.

Paul Vates, Chairman, CFS

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