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Chiltern Film Society - June 2019

Do you feel lucky..?

You should - there are so many opportunities to watch movies on the large screen in the Chilterns, not just at the multiplexes: The Hedgerley Film Club, Jordans Picture House, Vintage Cinema and The Elgiva come straight to mind.

This month, The Elgiva are offering CFS Members a new film for just £4 - on Friday 14th June: A Vigilante

It’s a low-budget American crime drama about a woman, Sadie, played by Olivia Wilde, helping victims escape their domestic abusers.

This vigilante theme is a classic of cinema, covering a few franchises that includes Batman and Death Wish.

In fact, it is this latter one that recently received a remake, including a splendid $30m budget, starring Bruce Willis in the role made famous by Charles Bronson. There were five in the original franchise between 1974 and 1994.

But, for me, perhaps the best vigilante films all star Clint Eastwood as Dirty Harry - Magnum Force, from 1973, perhaps topping the list (there were five of these in the franchise as well!).

It’s pleasing to know that, at least, they’re on the side of good - even though these heroes’ tactics may be questionable… Whatever you do this month - support your local cinema, or they may send someone round to make sure you do!

For more information about the Chiltern Film Society check our website, call us on 07754 058859 or email us at the above address.

Paul Vates, Chairman, CFS

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