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Chiltern Film Society - April 2020 - revised

Exposure Therapy, anyone?

As you will be aware by now - at the time of going to press - the screenings of our films have temporarily stopped. Theatres and cinemas have closed their doors.

But, now that cinemas and theatres are closed and we have to view films at home, what are we watching when we sit down with the immense quantity of popcorn we bought in a panic?

Like ‘rubber-necking’ after an incident on the other side of the motorway, we have had, over the years, a morbid fascination with films about viruses of all kinds. Above, is Dustin Hoffman in Outbreak from 1995. This film has had a huge surge of viewers in the US in the last few weeks - is it simply an attempt to seek some kind of understanding through exposure therapy? To see society brought to its knees and then experience the hopeful ending when all hope seems to have gone in the gloom?

If that is the case - here are a few titles to watch in order to wallow in your therapy: 2011’s Contagion is being streamed a lot, too. And there’s always World War Z, I Am Legend, The Andromeda Strain and The Omega Man.

Historically, perhaps the first film to have this theme was made over 100 years ago - the German silent-movie The Plague Of Florence (Die Pest in Florenz) made in 1919.

Where’s Dustin Hoffman when we need him? Where is Will Smith? Relax - sit back and watch the films to see how they succeed!

Whatever you do this month, be safe and enjoy your films!

Paul Vates – CFS Chairman.

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