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A Christmas Carol


A Christmas Carol


until 27th December 2020

“keeping it simple is the way to do things”

Polka Theatre is renowned for producing work that is innovative and approachable. Their version of A Christmas Carol is no exception.

It is only 18 minutes long but is performed (I think!) in one take. Ian Nicholson is the storyteller, playing most of the characters, surrounded by an incredibly clever cardboard set. Sally Edwards’ puppeteering is certainly worthy of a mention, too.

Aimed at audiences of 4+ years, it is a simple and not-too-scary telling of Dickens’ classic tale. Now and then it veers, perhaps too infrequently, into silliness - preferring instead to get on with the story - but overall it is gripping. And, this coming from a reviewer with a heart of stone, surprisingly touching at the end…

The piece is free to watch. Yes, you read that right! Free!! Accessed via Polka’s website, there are two versions - one with subtitles, one without.

Sometimes - keeping it simple is the way to do things and full marks to Polka Theatre, with funding from Arts Council England, for this gift.

Photography Ian Nicholson

Producer Polka Theatre

Writers Ian Nicholson and Sam Wilde

Performer Ian Nicholson

Designer Samuel Wilde

Music Jim Witcher

Running Time 18 minutes

Ages 4+

Tickets not required!

Shows until 27th December 2020

Price Nothing!! IT’S FREE!!

Twitter @polkatheatre

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