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Blimey, I'm Knackered!


Blimey, I’m Knackered!

An American’s Survival Guide To British English

by Marshall Hall

a weighty and wonderful addition to any bookshelf

Do you need to see a doctor if you have a water butt? What’s the proper response if someone knocks you up? Is it correct to go to the stationer’s if you have no lead in your pencil? Our language is confusing enough for the British, so imagine what it must be like trying to understand us if you’re not from these Isles. English is chock-a-block with idioms, colloquialisms and slang - see what I did there?!

Well, Marshall Hall, an American resident in the UK, has over many years collected hundreds of phrases and compiled them into his ‘Britspeak for Yanks’ lexicon Blimey, I’m Knackered!

Split into chapters, the book is a delightful way to discover over 1,200 genuine down-to-earth differences between the two nations’ languages. It doesn’t just explain, it educates with factual references throughout. All done in Marshall’s calm and witty style - and he doesn’t shy away from the naughty bits!

There are intermittent illustrations by Mark Cowie, enhancing what is already a perfect book to dip in and out of. The hardback has 348 pages - making it a weighty and wonderful addition to any bookshelf.

Published by Imbrifex Books - available now in Hardback and ebook


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