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Brilliant Jerks


Brilliant Jerks

at Southwark Playhouse, London

“The play is performing a little near the 8 level and I want to turn it up to 10…”

Take your mind back to 2008 (yes, it was fifteen years ago!). Now imagine you’re an entrepreneur leaving a tech conference in Paris (it just happens to be Paris, but it could be anywhere). You can’t hail a taxi. Then the idea hits you - so simple, it’s amazing that it has never been thought of before… tap a button on your phone and a cab arrives.

This is that story ten years later, from three points of view: Mia, one of the drivers in Manchester; Sean, recruited as one of the new programmers for the App; and Tyler, the man who had the original vision in Paris.

Joseph Charlton’s play has been updated since it premièred at London’s VAULT Festival a few years ago. It’s a fast-flowing stream through the minds and hearts of the central characters, showing that no matter where you are in the pyramid of a multi-billion pound company, life will throw you constant curve balls and everyone celebrates and suffers equally.

The cast of three play numerous characters throughout the piece and it feels comfortable to watch them - strong and focused performances from Kiran Sonia Sawar (primarily Mia), Sean Dealaney (Sean) and Shubham Saraf (Tyler).

Katie-Ann McDonough’s direction keeps the action at a constant pace as the characters encircle each other, almost constantly walking and talking in and around Hazel Low’s clever, functional set.

Brilliant Jerks, as a play, I think suffers slightly from the constant monologues. The story unfolds in the past tense. We are told about, but seldom shown, scenes of emotion. When such scenes do happen, they are spellbindingly amazing - and I craved more of them. So overall, it feels like the play is performing a little near the 8 level and I want to turn it up to 10…

Photography Nick Rutter

Writer Joseph Charlton

Producer RJG Productions

Director Katie-Ann McDonough

Designer Hazel Low

Sound Designer Annie May Fletcher

Lighting Designer Rachel Sampley

Running Time 90 minutes (no interval)

Dates until Saturday 25th March 2023

Monday to Saturday at 8pm, Tuesday & Saturday Matinees at 3.30pm

Venue Southwark Playhouse, 77-84 Newington Causeway, London SE1 6BD

Tickets £24 (£19 concessions)

or phone on 020 7407 0234

Age Guidance 14+

Social Media @RJGProductions



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