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Chiltern Film Society - October 2020

October is for A Wedding and A Romance

The third film of this Season is Wajib which is also known as The Wedding Invitation. To describe it as an international film is an understatement of the highest proportion, with these nations credited as producing: Palestine, France, Colombia, Germany, United Arab Emirates, Qatar and Norway! Phew… For us, the film has subtitles because it is in Arabic.

We’re screening this drama on Wednesday 7th October, at 1.30pm and 8pm.

This is followed, on Wednesday 21st October by a film with one of the strangest titles in history: Family Romance, LLC. It is actually a company in Japan and the movie is part fiction and part fact. In the UK we have Ltd, American has Corp, Germany has GmbH and Japan has LLC. So the title is the name of a Japanese company that hires out people to play the roles that clients require - in this film’s case, a man is hired to impersonate the missing father of a young girl.

It is an American-produced drama, but is in Japanese with subtitles. Directed and written by Werner Herzog, this is his 71st film and tv credit as Director. He is a bit of a maverick in the film world, setting his own agenda and only working on projects that inspire him.

While studying history, literature and theatre, he gave it all up to start his own production company in 1963 - and has never stopped, with an incredible turnover and variety of projects. He has even staged several operas at Bayreuth, in Germany, and at La Scala in Milan, Italy.

Whatever you do this month, stay safe and be romantic!

Paul Vates – CFS Chairman


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