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at Palace Theatre, Watford

“There are some marvellous plot twists and unexpected effects, but you will find no spoilers here”

Pantomime in Watford? Bring it on!!! … But hold on a cotton-picking minute… ‘Traditional’ this isn’t. It’s set in 1999 - and a new millennium happens at the stroke of midnight. Eek - additional peril!

Most of the expected jokes, characters and routines are present, but Teresa Burns’ script is allowed free imaginative rein and the vast majority of the songs are 1990s classics. Cinderella’s best friend isn’t Buttons - no, it’s her toy Furbey, brought to life by the Fairy Godmother Fanny G. Of course!!

[Fanny G and Cinderella with dancers]

Terence Frisch plays Fanny G and controls most of the action with a very steady pair of hands. Cinderella (neatly played by Soleil Quarless) is joined by an unusual BFF, the afore-mentioned Furbey brought to life by the excellent Mark Pearce - who doubles up as the King, too.

[Cinderella with her BFF Furbey]

The Prince is beautifully nerdy, brought to life by the brilliant Samuel Wolstenholme.

[The Prince]

Drizelda makes her presence known, as you would expect. Along with her daughters: Britney and Christina (Lucyelle Cliffe, Lucia Vinyard and Luke Farrugia respectively). There are some marvellous plot twists and unexpected effects, but you will find no spoilers here!! … oh, no you won’t!

[Britney, Drizelda and Christina]

Although it runs at 2 and a half hours - a tad too long! - the sets and costumes are glorious and extremely colourful. Cinderella hits the spot and the audience loved it. Many of the 1990s references may only make sense for the adults, but there is more than enough for the children to enjoy…

Photography Greta Zabulyte

Writer Teresa Burns

Director James Williams

Choreographer Erina Lewis

Designer Cleo Pettitt

Musical Director Ellie Verkerk

Running Time 2½ hours (with an interval)

Dates until Sunday 31st December 2023

Check with the theatre for show times

Venue Palace Theatre, 20 Clarendon Road, Watford WD1 7UZ

£13 - £38.50 (£11 - £36.50 concessions)

Social Media @WatfordPalace


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