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Death On The Pier


Death On The Pier

by Jamie West

“A compact and solid debut”

This is a classic whodunnit book set in and around a murder mystery play. At the climax of Act One, a character is shot on stage and falls behind a settee, but the actress has actually been hit. The audience sees everything - so did the other performer know they were genuinely killing the leading lady? If not, how was the shooting achieved?

Playwright Bertie Carroll, watching his own play being performed, finds himself in the role of detective in this 1930s drama.

New writer Jamie West works in modern theatre, backstage on numerous West End shows. He has a fascination for ‘lost’ theatres, too, so sets his drama in a genuine venue which no longer exists: The Palace Pier Theatre in Brighton. Using archival plans and images, he sets the story in the space as it was when it was at its peak - on stage, backstage, dressing rooms and foyer, including the pier itself - along which the audiences (and cast and crew, of course) had to walk to get to the venue.

The theatre, in this vintage postcard, is in the distance, on the right of the image at the end of the pier. Like a classic locked room, the stage is literally set for murder at the beginning of the story.

Death on the Pier is an easy introduction to the crime genre, perfect for readers new to the murder mystery style, full of twists and turns and red herrings. A simplistic Agatha Christie, the plot ambles along at a steady pace with some neat touches. There is plenty to learn here for those new to theatre, too, with many expressions and terms explained on the way to the inevitable conclusion: so, who murdered the star actress? I worked it out - but will you?

[ author Jamie West ]

A compact and solid debut and now this one is published, the second book is on its way… Murder at the Matinee will be released in 2023!

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