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at Marylebone Theatre, London

“The whole experience is fascinating for so many reasons”

This one-man show, at the gorgeous Marylebone Theatre, is a short and sweet journey through Roger Peltzman’s story: who he is, what he does and how he got here.

Nothing new there. But his tale is eye-opening. Not necessarily for the details - we’ve all heard about, read about or witnessed, these kinds of events before - but the way in which Roger pulls us into his family’s history.

He plays the piano. Beautifully. Tinkling for fun, playing the blues and letting himself fall into Chopin. All because of his uncle, Norbert Stern. Norbert would have become a world-renowned pianist had he not been captured by the Nazis and killed in a concentration camp. Roger never knew his uncle, of course - but as he looked into Norbert’s ever-too-short life, he has found newspaper clippings, competition awards and, even, an actual piano that Norbert played on. All very touching.

Dedication is a one-hour exploration about a man ‘suffering the PTSD’ which has been passed onto him by his mother. As he wittily unfolds the drama, images appear on the screen behind him. Photographs, maps, quotations.

The whole experience is fascinating for so many reasons. Neatly directed by Jessi D Hill, Roger plays piano, paces the stage and talks with the confidence of an excellent orator. He has a story to tell and certainly revels in the telling.

Roger has also recorded a CD dedicated to Norbert (pictured above), in which he plays Chopin in the very hall where Norbert won some competitions. Marvellous.

Photography © Roger Peltzman

Director Jessi D Hill

Projection Design Jason Thompson & Kaitlyn Pietras - PXT Studios

Running Time 70 minutes (no interval)

Dates until Saturday 24th June 2023

Wednesday to Saturday at 7.30pm

Wednesday & Saturday Matinees at 2.30pm

Sunday Matinees at 3pm

Venue Marylebone Theatre, 35 Park Road, London NW1 6XT

Tickets via

or phone on 020 7723 7984

Age Guidance 12+

Instagram @marylebonetheatre

Twitter @MaryleboneTHLDN

Facebook @MaryleboneTheatre


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