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Liza Pulman - The Heart Of It


Liza Pulman - The Heart Of It
at Riverside Studios (Studio 3), Hammersmith, London

“an intimate and fulfilling experience”

There is something beautifully old-fashioned, traditional, yet timeless about this show.

A compact sextet of incredible musicians, playing sumptuous music live and unleashed - sometimes supporting, other times taking the lead and letting fly.

Out front is the singer. She sparkles like the stars of old - Garland, Bassey, Streisand (especially Streisand). Performing ballads and blockbusters, at times sitting on the stool and pulling the crowd into her inner emotions, then belting out blockbusters - a variety of songs, some so well known they’re a part of our DNA, others unknown but glorious all the same.

It’s like being transported to one of those clubs you see in films, where the singer sings and the band plays on no matter what is happening. A jazz club vibe fills the studio and it’s an intimate and fulfilling experience.

Liza Pulman is the inaugural solo artist to perform in Studio 3 and the show is like a tribute to the Riverside Studios sumptuous history in entertainment, continuing the venue’s legacy. The Heart Of It is a well-oiled machine, a show that is slick and, at times, ever-so-slightly cheesy … which makes it all the more lovable.

With nodding heads, jiggling feet and drumming fingers, this show affects the audience in different ways. For me the spellbinding rendition of the James Bond theme Nobody Does It Better and the slow and jazzy version of the classic Happy Days Are Here Again stand out.

Liza is currently touring again with Fascinating Aida as well as performing this show, which launches her new album. The classic singer, the classic songs, the classic band. What more could you want…?

Photography Dom White - taken at Lichfield Festival

Performances until Saturday 30th April at 7.30pm

Location Riverside Studios, 101 Queen Caroline Street, Hammersmith,

London W6 9BN

Tickets £30, available from

and 020 8237 1010

Running time 2 hours inc interval

Remaining Dates On Tour with The Heart Of It -

4th & 5th July at Wilton’s Music Hall, London

On Tour with Fascinating Aida -

Touring until 20th May 2022 -

Stream The Heart Of It -

The Heart Of It tour dates & tickets

Facebook @lizapulmanofficial

Twitter @liza_pulman

Instagram @pulmanliza



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