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Love Dance


Love Dance

at Chiswick Playhouse, London

“will delight audiences with its endearing characters”

To bill something as ‘a comic triumph’ on the flyer is, perhaps, setting yourself up for a fall. This comedy doesn’t fall, but it does stumble around quite a lot.

Two characters trapped together (almost - they could leave, but they don’t) unwittingly help each other in this predictable rom-com. Rose wants a baby but doesn’t want a man about the place. Adam is appalled by the idea of being tied down but needs somewhere to live… let the shenanigans commence!

Jacoba Williams and Derek Murphy play the unbelievably hapless couple who are completely mismatched but destined to fall in love. It is their amiability that keeps the play going, their chemistry that holds the interest.

The set - superbly designed by Humphrey Jaeger - is reminiscent of a farce, with three doors to have fun with. Sadly, they are not used for humour. So much of the script and the direction feels timid, as though holding back. Jokes are missed, action just slightly mis-timed. The whole production is off-kilter and lacks confidence, when there is obviously so much potential on show. Maybe a run is just what it needs, allowing the whole thing to find its feet and earn the self-labelled ‘triumph’.

Love Match highlights the difference between a laugh and a smile. I enjoyed this play. Everybody in the audience did. But I didn’t love it. And I so much wanted to.

A few glaring mistakes in it can be so easily rectified - for instance, is Adam meant to teach Rose the waltz incorrectly on purpose? [He’s not leading as he has her to believe, he’s actually in the woman’s hold…] Can he really play the guitar? Not on this evidence.

Once confidence grows, this production will delight audiences with its endearing characters and we may even forgive the bizarre driving scene...

Photography Molly Manning Walker

Performances until Saturday 27th November 2021

Tuesday to Saturday at 7.30pm

Saturday Matinee at 4pm

Location Chiswick Playhouse, 2 Bath Road, London W4 1LW

Nearest tube: Turnham Green (District and Piccadilly Lines)

Tickets Tickets are £22 (£19.50 for concessions)

Via the Box Office on 020 8995 6035

Director Lesley Manning

Writer Andy Walker

Running Time 75 minutes (no interval)

Twitter @chiswickplay


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