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The Writers' Block #57 - Points Of View

The Royal Physician rested a hand on the Maid’s arm, and described the scene he saw through the spyhole. ‘He is not to be distrurbed right now. I see, Her Majesty is beside him, bestowing our love to him in delicate whispers, wishing his battle injuries would heal, praying for his speedy recovery to health. She kneels now, stroking him and seeks assistance from God Himself.’

However, as the King’s breathing laboured in the bedchamber, his Queen had approached his bleeding body. She whispered into his ear, ‘You still alive, my Lord? Will you not die? Let me kneel beside you and press your wounds hard. I pray to God to remove you from this Earth, so that we may live in joyous peace, away from your tyranny. You lived alone, unloved, despised. So die.’


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