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The Legend Of Moby Dick Whittington


The Legend Of Moby Dick Whittington


until 5th January 2021

“Absolutely brilliant!”

Several years ago I travelled to the scariness that is south London (apologies if you live there!), to the tiny Theatre 503, to watch this company's production of Scrooge and the Seven Dwarves. I was attacked by a T-Rex during the show. I laughed a lot. I joined in a lot and, finally, left the theatre on a high… still talking about it.

Times have changed. Live, intimate theatre seems so long ago. Companies and creatives have pummelled their audiences with virtual shows - productions that we watch through the screen. But how to keep the essence of ‘live’ even though we are, basically, watching a tv programme?

Simple - sit back and join John, James and Joshua of Sleeping Trees as they tell you a story… although you won’t be resting for long. You’ll throw paper at the screen, hide under a sheet, peer through toilet rolls, even row a boat with kitchen implements - all manner of madcap antics that turn a simple muck around with these three chaps into an ‘interactive’ 50-minute long show that will make children AND adults laugh out loud.

They play all the characters bar one (but no spoilers!) and pull us into their crazy world. It is hilarious fun. All shot in someone’s house - which means there could be neighbours with their ears to the walls saying, ‘They’re at it again! What IS going on in there?!?’ Unlike other offerings on the web this year, this production is imaginatively shot and edited by Shaun Reynolds and neatly directed by Kerry Frampton.

Sleeping Trees specialise in melding different stories together - creating a fusion that turns the whole experience into a ‘live cartoon’. Absolutely brilliant! As for the baddie of the piece…

This is King Rat… BOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!

Photography Shaun Reynolds

Producers Alice Carter & Sleeping Trees - with support from Battersea Arts Centre

Writers John Woodburn, James Dunnell-Smith, Joshua George Smith and Ben Hales

Director Kerry Frampton

Music Ben Hales

Running Time 50 minutes approx

Shows until 5th January 2021 - go to for details

Price From £5

Twitter @WeSleepingTrees


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