February 10, 2020



at Chiswick Playhouse, London

‘dark and suspenseful, but, sadly, a little too on the safe side’

This play is based on a true story about the serial fraudster George Love, who, at the start of the 20th Century, took pride in tricking young women to marr...

December 10, 2019


Captain Flinn and the Pirate Dinosaurs:

The Magic Cutlass

at the Spiegeltent, Leicester Square Gardens, London

‘the chance to see a walking, talking, singing T-Rex’

Based on the popular books by Giles Andreae and Russell Ayto, Les Petits Theatre Company take...

September 28, 2019


Murder, Margaret and Me

at the Churchill Theatre, Bromley, Kent

‘So much theatrical experience they make it look easy.’

A lady sat down next to me and grinned. She was excited, waving her complimentary ticket at me. It transpired that she is a regular visito...

August 22, 2019



at Temple Church, London

‘The lighting’s good, isn’t it?’

I couldn’t wait to see this production. Two years ago I sat in the same church and was riveted by the same company’s Richard III. My fault - it could only be a let down in comparison. The same...

July 3, 2019


Dark Sublime

at Trafalgar Studios, London

“It was almost brilliant, almost great fun, almost very touching”

Imagine a classic television programme from the 1970s involving space, heroes, arch-villains and ridiculous quests. Do Doctor Who, Blake’s Seven and T...

June 13, 2019


The Flies

at The Bunker Theatre, Southwark, London

“The cast never ease up, pushing forever onwards to the tragic ending”

Exchange Theatre are celebrating their tenth anniversary by resurrecting this, their  original adaptation of Jean Paul Sartre’s The Flie...

June 7, 2019


Kill Climate Deniers

at Pleasance Theatre, London

“I feel that I am not Australian enough to understand some of this”

Australian Environment Minister Gwen Malkin’s plan to stop climate change is rudely interrupted when a group of eco-terrorists storm Parliam...

 Premiere at The People's Theatre, Newcastle

- as winner of The People's Play Award 2018.

Directed by Chris Heckels


Voltemand - Stephen Sharkey

Cornelius - Robbie Close

Sleeper - Laura Brown

Doctor - Pete McAndrew

April 2, 2019


The Trials of Oscar Wilde

at Greenwich Theatre, London

“It flies by - almost an hour of court proceedings that are both informative and gripping”

The European Arts Company have now embarked upon a UK tour with this production - at times a verbatim performanc...

February 21, 2019


Call Me Vicky

at The Pleasance Theatre, London

“I want to know more about this world and these people”

‘Based entirely on a true story’ makes for an interesting tale, but does it transform into an entrancing theatrical event? Ever so nearly!

Call Me Vicky is...

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